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Hello my name is Shelby Clark, and i am a new user on WordPress. I am a Freelance Photographer and i am wanting to build up my small business. As of right now i have another job, so i am a little distracted with my photography business. But i did make a website of my portfolio that shows the work i have done and my taste on life. I was studying Fine Arts at a university, but i decided to take a break and earn some money to go back to college later. I would love to pursue my photography dreams and travel the world someday and do photo shoots of many different things and people. Taking photos just makes me happy. I learn everyday of new things that inspire me to go out and take some photos. My mind is always flooding in new fun photo shoot ideas, and i am waiting for the day i will be able to do them with people and at different locations. I have a passion in drawing and painting and sculpting also. I am not afraid anymore to makes mistakes or make something that looks totally different from what i planned, but you know what it makes me happy and sometimes it turns out way better than what i imagined. Our artistic mind is what gives life a meaning, and purpose and excitement. It brings happiness to many different lives living on this earth. And it is amazing to know that i can bring a little something from my mind into the world. I might be small, but its the small things that count in our daily lives that make a difference.


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